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How to avoid Self Designing Blunders

It is very rightly said that quality does not come cheap. Every style has its own price tag. But, still many of us want a well decorated house, with stylish upholstery in a penny. And in the bid to achieve the same, we end up making huge blunder. It is always best to get expert's advice because a professional knows how to make the best use of everything and every place. Well, I do not mean to say that you must spend a fortune every time you want to refurbish your home. It does not also mean that you can not do it yourself.  

What I really mean is that you should not do things blindly. Just because someone told you that peach and purple are world's best combination, you should not end up buying all your cushion covers in that combination. In the end you may find that they look good in solitude but, when paired with your red sofa, it looks really disgusting. 

You should not also try to blindly copy styles from your friend's or neighbour's house because it was looking gorgeous at her place. A low chair might look splendid in your neighbour's balcony because it was surrounded by lush green flower pots. But, if you try to keep those low chairs in your bar, it will look simply stupid. The Visionaire floor plans are designed in a way to give suffiecient space for everything. 

It does not mean that we should never try to incorporate a good looking style into our own house. But, that should be done wisely and not blindly. We should also have a considerable look at the surrounding. If your surroundings match what you saw, go ahead and pick that beautiful rug you saw at your friend's place. 

Whenever you need to buy new items for home décor, make it a practice to first decide on the color which suits best. There is a very simple way to achieve the same. E.g.: if you are looking for some throw cushions for your sofa. Put any fabric of different colors and see which color combination pleases your eyes. Once you have decided on the color, you can go to your favourite shop and choose from the various patterns you want. The visionaire condo is very easily accessible to all shopping destinations in Singapore. 

If you follow these simple things, you can easily avoid self designing blunders. You do not want your friends to walk in your home and not appreciate your hard work.